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As early as the 1990s, I had a chance to investigate the preventive and curative properties of garlic, especially its most effective form – garlic tincture. Following the investigation and its results I established the trading company of Ecoton s.r.o. (Ecoton, Ltd.) which specialized in further development, production and distribution of the tincture made according to ancient Tibetan formulae originating from the 13th century. During distribution of the GH EXTRA garlic drops, I received a lot of thank-you letters and notes of thanks from the people whose health was positively influenced by the garlic extract the curative effects of which have been known for millennia. I was always very particular about the top quality of the input raw materials – garlic and alcohol – and about observing the strict hygienic standards during the actual production process. Encouraged by the positive results of many years' work, by the successful laboratory tests and, before all, by the positive response of the people whose health problems had abated or been put under control, I embarked upon development of a brand new, even more effective product. In 2007, I started to cooperate with the Allivictus distribution company in order to complete the new, more effective garlic tincture having a higher concentration of the effective substances. The dosage of the tincture can be lower and it can even be taken by children from the age of three. At the end of November, 2007, Allivictus – a garlic tincture of the 21st century - was launched.

The company of Ecoton will go on producing exclusively for the company of Allivictus s.r.o. (for more information see and , myself, will closely cooperate with that company in further improvements of the preparation using my professional knowledge and experience. Since the distribution of our product has been provided by the said company, I have more time both to improve the existing product and to develop new products. To start with, I have launched a new product – antibacterial, anifugal and deodorizing insoles with long-term effects under the trademark of Cidetex®. These insoles are impregnated with an original, patented biocidal agent developed in cooperation with our company. The production plant in which these insoles are made is, as a matter of course, quite separated from the premises where the garlic tincture is produced. For more detailed information see

For Ecoton s.r.o.,
Ing. Vaclav KUBICEK